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A minority of Manchester United fans have directed chants at Liverpool fans regarding Hillsborough, and a Liverpool minority have chanted in reference to the Munich air disaster of 1958 in which 23 people died.
After a three-hour trial, Georgette Holbrook, chairwoman of the panel, found the two defendants had chanted "Come on gay boy, that's my gay boy".
We have spoken to supporters clubs, board members and parents of players who were in the Ballymena support and no-one is aware of anything of this nature being said or chanted.
Om: Swami Satchidananda chanted it at Woodstock and the Beatles sang it on the last album they made together.
Humberside Police said a small minority of fans chanted derogatory comments and one man was arrested for racist chanting.
Mostly they were sung by choirs of trained singers who chanted the texts to flexible formulas that were repeated for each verse.
Although, to be fair, it does lose something when not being chanted.
There was an instant when a brief number of students chanted about Tyler's grandmother," Rick Lewis told the Charlotte Observer.
A huge crowd of Ahmadinejad supporters reportedly declined to shout chants in support of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenehi last week and instead chanted for the president.
Andrew Barry Hutchinson this week admitted to Teesside magistrates that he chanted "Mido is a paedo" during a Middlesbrough-Newcastle derby game at the Riverside Stadium.