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The school will reportedly hold sessions, starting this Friday, to educate students on the importance of diversity and the gravity of racist actions like the chanting during the basketball game.
People who don't want to challenge that behaviour will say "you can't stop it" - but football stopped the racist chanting which was far more ingrained and widespread.
Gaya (Bihar) [India], December 11 ( ANI ): Dressed in their traditional attire, thousands of monks and devotees from across the globe visited the Mahabodhi Temple in Bodh Gaya to attend the International Tripitaka Chanting (a Buddhist ritual).
The incident occurred when Railways Minister Saad Rafique was delivering a speech at the railways athletics awards ceremony when the students in the crowd started chanting 'Go Nawaz Go'.
Chanting "Murderers" by Manchester United supporters has been ignored.
Chief Inspector Simon Nelson, of Sussex police, confirmed a man arrested for racist chanting was believed be a Seagulls fan.
Jay Kelly, 18, Oak Road, Chester, fined PS120, was said not to have been chanting for a long time, by his defence.
Earlier, Hamza Shahbaz, son of Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif was forced to cut down his speech in Alhamra hall, Lahore as crowds started chanting 'Go Nawaz Go'.
Cardi City season ticket holder Rishi Saini said British clubs are "quite Cardi City season ticket holder Rishi Saini said British clubs are "quite strict" when it comes to stamping out strict" when it comes to stamping out oensive chanting.
AN ACCLAIMED yoga teacher and leader of kirtan, or call-and-response devotional chanting, Snatam Kaur sings with the intent of uplifting, healing, and transforming her listeners.
But he said he believes there should be greater consistency in how racist chanting is policed, saying anti-Welsh songs should not be tolerated.
In years gone by, racist and homophobic chanting in the stands was an ugly feature of football matches across the country, but I believe we are beginning to see a shift in culture," he said.