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At an early period also professional minstrels, called by the Anglo-Saxons scops or gleemen, disengaged themselves from the crowd and began to gain their living by wandering from village to village or tribe to tribe chanting to the harp either the popular ballads or more formal poetry of their own composition.
They enjoyed drinking out of the shallow cup of warm red wine and water, and they were still more pleased when the priest, flinging back his stole and taking both their hands in his, led them round the lectern to the accompaniment of bass voices chanting "Glory to God.
He was not very long in doubt; for, while he was surveying it with that knowing look which people assume when they are contemplating for the first time portraits which they ought to recognise but don't, the dwarf threw down the newspaper from which he had been chanting the words already quoted, and seizing a rusty iron bar, which he used in lieu of poker, dealt the figure such a stroke on the nose that it rocked again.
American reporters who have covered the annual demonstrations in front of the old US embassy on the anniversary of its takeover often comment that students break off chanting to ask them how to get a visa to study in the United States.
I SEE there was one arrest at the Hawthorns for alleged homophobic chanting.
And in the second race incident to hit football in the space of a week a home fan was also arrested for alleged racist chanting.
Eight adult fans, who all pleaded guilty to the public order offence for their part in the chanting, were all given three year football banning orders.
This particular prayer is especially chosen for chanting since the collective sound vibrations create positive impact thereby promoting universal brotherhood, and aiding in the well-being of the entire universe," said Sri Swamiji.
The Federal Minister for Planning and Development, Ahsan Iqbal responded by saying that chanting slogans would not change anything.
Surya Chants of Light is a music album of classic vedic chanting, sung in the original sanskrit and following the pronunciation and intonation traditions passed down in India for thousands of years.
Swansea City supporter Jim White says oensive chanting can damage a player's performance on the pitch but songs of support can "act as the 12th man".
The report mentioned that under UEFA's anti-racism protocol, the referee should halt a match in the event of racist chants from fans, and issue a call for the chants to stop, adding that if the chanting persists, he should suspend the game and take the players off the field before making a second announcement.