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Hence, the chaotic systems are practically applied in the field of image encryption algorithm [3-7, 32-33].
Chaotic PWM techniques are the ones developed as an alternative to the random PWM techniques.
Hastings and Powell [1] introduced a continuous time model of a food chain incorporating nonlinear functional responses and shown that model exhibits chaotic dynamics in long term behaviour when biologically reasonable parameter values are chosen.
Staff were very busy and in constant demand which reflected that the service was chaotic and no clear boundaries had been set to establish the nature of support people should be receiving.
22 July 2015 - US-based management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company Accenture (NYSE: ACN) has acquired US-based creative technology studio Chaotic Moon, the company said on Wednesday.
Keywords; Chaotic systems Rikitake system fuzzy controller TakagiSugeno model.
The sensitivity to initial conditions means predicting the behaviour of a chaotic system is difficult, and becomes more difficult over time.
According to Chaotic Moon, the group will work on global challenges at 30,000 feet, aboard a private British Airways flight from San Francisco to London on June 12, 2013.
8220;Motorcycle gear is an essential part of riding safety as well as looking the part of a biker,” says Dominik Hussl of Chaotic Motorsports.
Chaotic signal is one kind of pseudo-noise signals generated from deterministic system.