chaotic state

See: havoc
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I saw her, and that helped to relieve my chaotic state of mind.
In December 2002 he quit his post at Rodney Parade in protest at the chaotic state of Welsh rugby and since May 2003 he has been tournament director of the Celtic League and Celtic Cup.
The President of the chambers Mohammad Choukeir and dozens of other prominent business figures in the country gathered at the chambers' headquarters in Beirut to voice their opposition of what they termed as the chaotic state of weapons in Beirut and the rest of the country.
But there is a sense that NHS finances are in a chaotic state.
Like the chaotic state of our transport system it is so laughable there is not a punchline on earth that could do it justice.
Tory and Liberal Democrat MPs have criticised the Government for the chaotic state of the system, which was first exposed by The Journal earlier this week.
I dare say she's rather overwhelmed by the public reaction she's getting to the chaotic state the NHS is in at the moment.
But such is the chaotic state of "government" in Britain today that a measure designed to liberalise a social activity by allowing pubs to stay open 24 hours actually ends up being interpreted by zealous and overweening officialdom as meaning that landlords must be on the premises, not just for 24 hours a day but also, it seems, seven days a week, 52 weeks of the year.
While Charlie McCreevy and Bertie Ahern may recognise the danger which the chaotic state of the health services poses to their electoral prospects in the local and European elections next year, they must also be held accountable for the making of false promises.
In recent times, blame for the chaotic state of so many schools and the chronic underachievement of so many children has been firmly laid at the door of parents.
But how would we notice when it is already in a more criminally chaotic state than Michael Barrymore's head?
A question that often arises when discussing the present chaotic state of the world.