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Some of these old misers hold on to every thing till they die, fancying it a mighty pleasant matter to chaps that can't support themselves to support THEIR daughters by industry, as they call it.
If thou'd got twonty roonaway boys, I'd do it twonty times ower, and twonty more to thot; and I tell thee more,' said John, 'noo my blood is oop, that thou'rt an old ra'ascal; and that it's weel for thou, thou be'est an old 'un, or I'd ha' poonded thee to flour when thou told an honest mun hoo thou'd licked that poor chap in t' coorch.
As well as learning about how Fera was protecting the UK from the threat of incursions such as the Asian Hornet and international food fraud, they also heard how Fera and CHAP were committing resources to support regional economic development, both in skills development and training (from graduate recruitment to at all levels of apprenticeship).
The team discovered that the cHAP mice on a diet of alcohol and water consumed significantly more alcohol than cHAP or other mice maintained on an alcohol diet.
Readiness at sea: "It is necessary to be ready to defend ourselves from those who want to attack, because promptitude, as says Vegetius, is sometimes more useful than strength in war" (Part I, chap.
For Part 2, Historical Women Warriors and Classical Traditions, Mayor expands on the introductory material to present the archaeological record in Chap.
The story drags a little after Chap assumes Cassiel's identity, but it quickly picks up the pace as other characters are introduced, and the secrets of the Roadnights are revealed.
LONDON: Wearing their finest tweeds, stroking their sideburns and filling the air with pipe smoke, competitors and spectators gathered for The Chap Olympiad, an annual celebration of the classic English gentleman.
In its first 3 years, CHAP connected almost 2,000 new Medicaid patients with clinicians and helped those clinicians access approximately $500,000 in provider incentives such as pay-for-performance incentives, he said.
The chap had a son who was, therefore, his dad's brother-in-law, making the child the half-brother of his step-daughter, now his father's wife.
Richard Guest, 40, will cook his final batch of chaps - made from pigs' cheeks and tongue - today at Brittan's Butcher in Bristol.
The couple previously lived in a CHAP home in the village of Longside, near Peterhead, Aberdeenshire.