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That is all very well, " she answered, "but I am not sure that we ought to be in the gallery at Covent Garden together, with a chaperon who will sleep
During these delectable entertainments, Miss Wirt and the chaperon sate by, and conned over the peerage, and talked about the nobility.
She did not forget his promise to sample Eustace Miles, and asked him as soon as she could secure Tibby as his chaperon.
I am, as it were," she concluded, "the chaperon of my young cousin, Lucy, and it would be a serious thing if I put her under an obligation to people of whom we know nothing.
Rushworth, on a point of some similarity, and could not help wondering as she listened; and glad would she have been not to be obliged to listen, for it was while all the other young people were dancing, and she sitting, most unwillingly, among the chaperons at the fire, longing for the re-entrance of her elder cousin, on whom all her own hopes of a partner then depended.
Here or amongst the chaperons," she answered, as they passed on.
Infrastructure was already limited before the storm, said Colin Chaperon, IFRC Field Assessment and Coordination Team Leader.
Three Vice-Presidents a- Riccardo Amoroso, Enel Green Power SpA; Murray Cameron, Phoenix Solar AG; and Jodie Roussell, Trina Solar (Schweiz) AG - and four Directors were also elected: Seb Berry, Solarcentury; Christian Westermeier, Wacker Chemie AG; Conrad Burke, DuPont de Nemours International SARL; and Arnaud Chaperon, Total.
We have two tonnes of mail to pick up and 65 tonnes of food to get," pointed out Rear Admiral Eric Chaperon.
He was received by Rear Admiral Eric Chaperon and Michel Miraillet, France's Ambassador to the UAE.
Chaperon said Total had gained "significant expertise" in solar energy development with the company acquiring a majority stake (66%) in California-based SunPower.
Treize ans apres son retour au pays des Freres Grimm et de leur Petit Chaperon rouge, il est meme devenu un outil de marketing touristique.