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It is interesting to note not only that considerations for mixing on the evening bus are different from those on the morning bus, but performance of social control such as re-dressing to affect a modest appearance and coordinating chaperonage are used to "correct" random flirting on the bus.
It becomes not a means of bringing us into God's presence but a kind of verbal chaperonage in which we can be in God's presence but never speak freely or touch.
Perhaps conventions of chaperonage and protection limited solitary female walking.
No matter, his sons were comfortably ensconced at Eton and although his workers might suffer poisoning, his daughters reflected the manners and mores of the new society where chaperonage had become merely a state of mind and there was no code of behaviour to speak of.
6 where it is gathered with topics such as chaperonage and dating or "suttee" in 393.
Burke introduces feminist issues of chaperonage, sexuality, female dress, the tensions around passivity, decorativeness, languid grace versus hard work, ambition, the ambiguity of the position of women in the art movements that formed the modern.
These developments make complete chaperonage impossible and thus female circumcision is thought to offer protection.
A sketch of the expansion of upper and middle-class women's sources of power and identity - traditionally restricted to the home and Society (or its functional equivalent among other social strata) - focuses on aspects of this process such as the decline of chaperonage and the development of codes of behaviour in new situations: public transport, public dances, dates, the work place, etc.