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It was an honor and pleasure to visit with the Mayor, students, and their chaperone.
Smek not only chaperones Ryk into the nucleus, which contains the stem cell's genes.
Pharmaceutical chaperones are small molecules designed to enter cells and serve as molecular scaffolding to prevent or reverse the misfolding and loss of function of proteins.
We had to think of about a Chaperone system so that when you are moving around in room-scale, when you're surrounded by your content, and interacting with your content, you need to feel safe.
He also took advantage of the chaperone policy by carrying out criminal intimate examinations on patients behind the curtain with their family member in the room but on the other side of the curtain.
Gwynedd Council agreed to pay a bus company for a chaperone at the new Ysgol Craig y Deryn primary school in Llanegryn, Gwynedd up until Easter.
This is the principle of chaperone therapy to restore the enzyme activity by low molecule inhibitors (chaperones) with appropriate molecular structure fitting in the enzyme molecule.
The HSP90 chaperone was identified originally in stable association with signalling proteins i.
In this report, the authors describe a completely novel way in which a copper chaperone and a domain of a copper recipient target protein, CopA, bind copper.
Clay is a remarkable talent and a fine theatre actor - we are beyond thrilled that The Drowsy Chaperone has created this opportunity,” said NC Theatre Artistic Director Casey Hushion.
Professionalism in the intimate examination: How healthcare practitioners feel about having chaperones present during an intimate consultation and examination.
A molecular chaperone briefly accompanies its substrate protein and makes sure that the substrate makes no inappropriate inter- and intramolecular interactions," writes Witt (biochemistry and molecular biology, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center) in his introduction.