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"The Drowsy Chaperone" features a book by Bob Martin and Don McKeller with music and lyrics by Lisa Lambert and Greg Morrison.
We were able to show that stressing cells by heating them to 43C results in the transport of the misfolded luciferase protein, together with the chaperones, into the nucleolus.
Campbell, who has interviewed Foster numerous times, argued that he should provide a male chaperone but Foster said there were not enough campaign staff provide assistance.
All policies and expectations should be clearly communicated in writing to students, parents/guardians, and supervising instructors/ chaperones prior to the field trip.
Crucial lifeline lost JACK Reeve, aged 15, who suffers from cerebral palsy, sensorineural hearing problems, learning difficulties and asthma, has depended on a travel chaperone since he was three.
This trustworthy presence would accompany them on a stroll round the gardens, or a trip to the theatre, acting as their chaperone. The idea was to protect the vulnerable party, observing that everything was properly conducted.
For increasing soluble expression of anti-CD20-huscFv, various approaches are used including co-expression with molecular chaperone, use of chemical chaperones and optimization of the culture conditions.
The team discovered the identity of Ryk's chaperone: a protein named Smek.
In this case, the chaperone ordered the driver to let the children off.
The two main chaperone machines in eukaryotes are Hsp70 and Hsp90, which together account for at least half of the molecular chaperones present in eukaryotic cells [22].