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He also took advantage of the chaperone policy by carrying out criminal intimate examinations on patients behind the curtain with their family member in the room but on the other side of the curtain.
It was a mountain out of a molehill," Yeshivah of Flatbush teacher Marian Wielgus, one of the eight chaperones, told CNN.
Drug development has focused on the chaperone Hsp90 (heat shock protein 90) because it plays a key role in assisting mutated proteins, making it an attractive cancer drug target.
COMMON SENSE: Pupils give thumbs up to chaperones being reinstated on their school bus at Bishop's Tachbrook CE Primary.
For another, the SS agents (and clearly their chaperones, whose responsibility it is to keep a close eye on them) get to rub shoulders - literally - with some of the world's most interesting and glamorous people.
The Company is developing orally-administered, small molecule drugs called pharmacological chaperones, a novel, first-in-class approach to treating a broad range of diseases including lysosomal storage disorders and diseases of neurodegeneration.
Amicus is developing Plicera as part of a strategic collaboration with Shire Human Genetic Therapies (HGT), a business unit of Shire plc, to develop and commercialize Amicus' three lead pharmacological chaperone compounds for lysosomal storage disorders.
Just ask the doctor if you can be examined without a chaperone.
The mum of two was shocked when she was told only male chaperones were allowed.
Yan Li Dong, the Chinese English teacher who chaperones the five exchange students, passed out her handmade dumplings at a recent school event.
These chaperones prevent molecules from folding wrongly or having elicit contact with other molecules, causing them to clump.
The top number of children that chaperones are allowed to have in their care is 12.