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What about other countries or even children in the same school who do not have chaperons? It is lame to believe this safety theory.
After two years, the chaperons can go through a refresher course which will renew the validity for another two years.
The Children's World Summit for the Environment attended by a 1,000-strong international group of environmentally-aware children and their chaperons, will be held in the Japanese towns of Toyohashi, Toyota and Aichi (site of EXPO 2005) from July 26 to 29.
Peterson's company has grown to the point where it now has six full-time paid staff, and uses 200 trip chaperons from around the country.
INDIANAPOLIS--With nearly 24,000 teenagers and adult chaperons, the 26th National Catholic Youth Conference was billed as the largest Catholic youth conference in U.S.
The 26th biennial National Catholic Youth Conference sponsored by the National Federation of Catholic Youth Ministry drew almost 24,000 teen-agers and adult chaperons to Indianapolis Dec.
They were all so new to everyone, so untraditional.) Jacques d'Amboise and Barbara Boucher were fifteen and had to have chaperons. In Covent Garden they had to have separate dressing rooms from the older dancers--the English had their rules and morals.
Grundy once lettered the dance-loving maiden were gaily cast aside at much the same time as when old favourites, such as square dances, stately minuets, graceful cotillions and waltzes were succeeded by the one-step and fox-trot, while chaperons faded away like dim ghosts of the past during the war and programmes became unnecessary as a means of recording dances promised, as the fashion came in for a couple to become recognised 'dancing partners,' who would dance together throughout the evening, probably during the London season, accompanying each other to two or three dances in the same evening, or early hours of the next day.
The artists of the selected works and their chaperons will be invited to Washington, DC to attend the exhibition's opening.
National Ballet Festival '97 is expected to bring together approximately 1,500 devoted dance students and 500 artistic directors, teachers, chaperons, company board members, balletomanes, and friends.
Contract awarded for To provide transport, meals and accommodation for Cultural Immersion trip to Penang for 17-20 HOPE pupils and 3 chaperons of St.Andrew~s Junior School from 4 to 7 November 2014.