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CHAPLAIN. A clergyman appointed to say prayers and perform divine service. Each house of congress usually appoints it own chaplain.

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Community chaplaincy originated in New Brunswick, Canada, in 1980, and there are currently 37 projects scattered across the country (Whitehead, 2011).
She entered into hospital chaplaincy work in the early '90s until she earned her certification as an ACPE Supervisor in 2001.
Mathew Joseph, the Chaplaincy Council's Lay Chairman, lauded Dubai Cares for its ongoing efforts towards empowering children in communities in need around the globe.
Another 71 public schools can access a chaplain next year, after the State Government stepped in to top up funding for chaplaincy services.
As the Waterways Chaplaincy has developed both its contacts among both those living on the waterways and with various officials, it's developed its expertise and experience in being able to help both waterways' residents and officialdom.
We are honored to add the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network to our family of content partners to provide our users with the knowledge, expertise and compassion the organization has provided to so many for more than 50 years.
State and territory governments will have access to funding under the National School Chaplaincy Programme in time for the 2015 school year.
Workplace Matters has 50 years' experience of providing chaplaincy services in many contexts and, with initial support from the Salvation Army, is providing effective support for boaters in difficulty along the canals of the south east.
On an everyday basis, chaplaincy services provide low-stress and hospitable havens.
Dr Ruwan Palapathwala, senior chaplain of the Chaplaincy of Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain and Fujairah, led the dedication service of the new extension that would serve its members and 80 other congregations from different denominations.
CARDIFF'S Centre for Chaplaincy Studies has been chosen to train chaplains for more than 150 church schools in Hong Kong.
Shopkeepers in the city centre now have their own chaplaincy service and volunteers to offer spiritual help and counselling during the troubled times.