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Tom declared that "the old chap broke down when they got as far as the fortune--that, as he liked the girl, he would have taken her with $75,000, but the highest offer he could get from him was $30,000.
If thou'd got twonty roonaway boys, I'd do it twonty times ower, and twonty more to thot; and I tell thee more,' said John, 'noo my blood is oop, that thou'rt an old ra'ascal; and that it's weel for thou, thou be'est an old 'un, or I'd ha' poonded thee to flour when thou told an honest mun hoo thou'd licked that poor chap in t' coorch.
The work of Fera and CHAP supports sustainable intensification of farming to increase the UKs food security and competitiveness in international agri-food export markets.
PK) (OTC: BACHY), has joined CHAPS Clearing Company Limited, the UK's same day high-value payment system, as a shareholder and direct participant with immediate effect, according to a report by finextra.
Chaps is supported by Gwalia Trust, part of Pobl Group.
The Bank of England on Thursday reported that the settlement day for CHAPS and CREST is to be extended by one hour and forty minutes from summer 2016.
Chaps is a separate organisation to the Bank, funded by lenders who pay fees to use its services.
In the swooning contest, chaps "have to induce the ladies to swoon through any means possible.
Whilst we're not being made to give up making the chaps, the paperwork involved is just too much.
The retailer already carries a Chaps apparel line, which has been a success, prompting the expansion of the program to home, a Polo Ralph Lauren spokeswoman told HFN.
I can just see us with our chaps and bare bums - OK, maybe not the bare bums.
Time was when The Chaps would hire hansom cab to get out of The Smoke and discuss such matters more directly with their public at book signings and the like.