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And it's said very well, and I like to hear a chap talk up that way; you are just the man for him --the likes of ye.
Poor old chap, you're white and jaded -- you ain't well a bit -- no wonder you're a little flighty and off your balance.
The old chap," aside, "likes a little humbug, as well as a girl.
It was an old Mohammedan, with a strong dash of Arab--a smallboned, bald-headed chap, and I was just wondering how it had kept so well in our climate when it sneezed.
The old chap had been advertising in the London papers for Harry Hagberd, and offer- ing rewards for any sort of likely information.
He was very like the chap I had seen the night before, the same figure and voice, but he was clean shaven and his hair was lighter.
Pickering: this chap has a certain natural gift of rhetoric.
Look here, you chaps," he said, as his assistant did so, "I'm tired to death, and saddle sore.
And that young man and young woman towed those four hulking chaps and a heavy boat up to Marlow.
I don't know what my instructions are going to be," he continued, dropping his voice a little, "but I'm sick of making war the way our chaps are doing it.
What did they do, all the chaps I knew, the chaps in the clubs with whom I'd been cheek by jowl for heaven knows how long?
Now 'twas just here last June, as we was a- driving up the first-day boys, they was mendin' a quarter-mile of road, and there was a lot of Irish chaps, reg'lar roughs, a- breaking stones.