character assassination

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Vendettas and character assassination have wrecked the last three Conservative leaderships.
They said that this crucial juncture when all political parties were resorting to character assassination of Tahir-ul-Qadri.
The BJP is pursuing politics of character assassination to mislead the people.
The actor's publicist Dale Bhagwagar said here yesterday: "Shiney has sent a legal notice to the mobile company as the advertisement amounts to wilful character assassination.
This is a government which is trying to survive through character assassination," he said.
Accusing several leaders of trying to frame him in the infamous cash-for-vote scam for the July 22 parliamentary vote on the Indo-US nuclear deal, Singh said: "Congress is indulging in character assassination.
Martin Taylor is neither hero nor villain, and Arsene Wenger's comments, subsequently regretted, were not as reprehensible as Steve Bruce's prolonged character assassination of Albion's Paul Robinson.
American voters seem tired of the character assassination politics of the past.
JUDGING FROM his finely observed piece of character assassination, ``The Squid and the Whale,'' writer-director Noah Baumbach is still working out some pretty serious father issues.
Being accused of character assassination by Tom DeLay is like being accused of being silly by the Three Stooges.
5 per cent council tax rise on the same page as his complaint of suffering a character assassination attempt.