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Two other character witnesses also spoke up in defence of Isaac, describing him as "helpful" and "fair".
One of O'Donoghue's character witnesses, Midleton CBS Secondary School principal Denis Ring, accepted the Holohans may never move on but said it was an honourable thing to do.
Mr Fussell called character witnesses who spoke up for him.
Her family say that solicitors from across the Midlands have offered to be character witnesses at any future inquiry into the death of the mum-of-three.
The findings suggest Maharaj, whose senten-ce was commuted to 50 years' imprisonment in 2002, when Newmarket trainer Clive Brittain was among his character witnesses, is the victim of a miscarriage of justice and add credibility to theories that he was framed over the shooting of a Jamaican drug trafficker and his son, Derrick and Duane Moo Young, in October 1986.
Murray, who has no previous convictions, denied the offences and spent a week in the witness box and called almost two dozen patients as character witnesses.
He's a kid who basically wouldn't hurt a fly,'' said Ganschow, who plans to call several character witnesses who will testify to his client's peaceful and laid-back personality.
As other well-known people were appearing as character witnesses, Sir Tim agreed to speak about King's reputation for honesty in his business affairs.
Team-mates could be called as witnesses to the alleged incidents oras character witnesses.
They studied references from six colleagues and five friends and heard from two character witnesses, including former patient Jeanette Finlay, of Glasgow.
Williams was eager to sow those doubts by putting on a stunning parade of character witnesses to testify for Connally.
Four character witnesses who had known him for years said they never doubted his honesty and integrity.