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For example, sweetness is a characteristic that is shared by products in many markets.
The identifying characteristics observed in the questioned impression and the corresponding characteristics observed on the outsole of the known shoe can be quantified by using the position, size, and orientation of each identifying characteristic.
The most important characteristic for solving the problem of optimum dispatch in a power plant is the characteristic of incremental cost rate:
The strategy created a context of contemporary change in the classroom by applying a characteristic of complexity theory to the structure of a written assignment.
Factors such as corona discharge, frequency, temperature and humidity can significantly affect the long term insulating characteristics of a material
Understanding that the probabilities of renewal and new business conversion are going to differ according to the characteristics of the risk can help a company boost profitability.
No two products or characteristics are exactly alike because any process contains many sources of variation.
But because it is the main contributor to emission characteristics, many metalcasters are searching for replacements.
Whatever type of physical characteristic a biometric device evaluates, when a user interacts with the device, the device captures an image, converts that image into as many as 100 points of data, and stores the resulting bits and bytes on a 9-kilobyte file that gets stored in a database.
Over the years, law firm occupancy characteristics have evolved and adapted to the changing business needs of the firms; but those same dynamic firms have not abandoned all of the traditional basic space profiles that architects and real estate advisors need to factor into their research and development of potential lease agreements.
A second key characteristic might be patient safety.