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When you are interviewing for a job, what top five characteristics do you normally look for besides academic qualifications?
In [8, 9], the relationship between the eigenvalues of eigenmodes and the characteristic values of characteristic modes was established.
After adding characteristic r into (R - {r}), the characteristic discernibility increases from \R- r\ to [absolute value of R], and the number of equivalence classes increases.
Hotelling's model assumes that individuals' utility from consumption is large enough with respect to the characteristic space that any individual is willing to consume a product, no matter its characteristics.
Therefore, 'indirect discrimination' will now be applied across all protected characteristics, defined below: A person "A" discriminates against another "B" if A applies B a provision, criterion or practice which is discriminatory in relation to a relevant protected characteristic of B's.
Now consider the outcome at another extreme, when the subject characteristic has the same effect on the active and comparison treatments (e.g., Figure 2), a possible scenario when two active treatments are compared.
Wear also can be used as an identifying characteristic when the wear observed on the outsole of the shoe becomes so severe that jagged edges or holes develop.
No one has studied goodwill to investigate the relation between the goodwill booked by the acquirer and the target characteristics that may explain why an acquirer paid a premium for the target.
But the proposed boundaries of the characteristic and belonging communities have sparked controversy, with local representatives in some towns and villages saying they are being excluded from their natural communities.
[Q.sub.T](P)--input-output characteristic of the condensing turbine;
We also agree that there are numerous characteristics of ventricular tachycardia easily applied to a resting 12-lead ECG (eg, QRS axis).
To create a context of contemporary change in the classroom, a written assignment was structured to mimic a characteristic of complexity theory.