characteristic behavior

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On the other hand, we also observed that the central galaxy kinematics is primarily responsible for the characteristic behavior of the super-massive black holes.
This flare of light was found to have a characteristic behavior as a function of time," Bogdanovic explained.
Bogdanovic explained that this flare of light was found to have a characteristic behavior as a function of time, saying that it starts very bright and its luminosity then decreases in time in a particular way.
For readers with a knowledge of inorganic and physical chemistry, four German chemists summarize the field of chemical vapor transport reactions, survey the characteristic behavior of elements and various classes of compounds, and discuss related matters.
characteristic behavior of Khartoum and we are glad that an
The search for non-financial assets looks like characteristic behavior in any financial crisis -- what was known during the great drama of hyperinflation in Weimar Germany as "die Flucht in die Sachwerte," the flight to material assets.
The first list included those children whose characteristic behavior pattern most closely resembled the externalizing behavior description.
The contents of the book range from the evolution of the construct, through methodology and measurement issues, to etiology, to characteristic behavior and problems, to the generalizability of the construct, to subtypes of psychopathy, and end with practice concerns.
He is committed to the view that the characteristic behavior of the celestial bodies--their complex but regular motion around the earth--requires the recognition of a specific type of causal principle.
Culture means the characteristic behavior which defines a group of people, and is the result of their sharing the same set of values, beliefs and assumptions.
Simulations illustrate characteristic behavior of data transport through complex mixed networks--a behavior different from that obtained with more simplistic models of either the wired network or the radio access network.
The characteristic behavior of a backoff algorithm is critical when the channel is heavily loaded, and in fact, the very idea of EB is to cope with the heavily loaded channel condition.