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That also makes it necessary to focus on the DC output V-I characteristic curves of an AC/DC source.
Caption: Figure 4: The receiver operating characteristic curve analysis of creatine kinase MB within 4 h of onset of acute myocardial infarction
We also showed that, based on receiver operating characteristic curve with area under the curve of 0.
The V-I characteristic curve of the electrical arc obtained by flicker effect as a result of the simulation.
Line 3 is characteristic curve of the fan calculated using Equation 6
Because the characteristic curve of pump-turbine is the most complex, this study considers this curve as an example.
The receiver operating characteristic curve for FIT test results and colorectal carcinoma showed good predictive ability with an AUC of 0.
Receiver operating characteristic curves of each LFT were used to predict MetS.
To assess the utility of NGAL measurements at varying cut-off values to predict dialysis indication, a conventional receiver operating characteristic curve was generated and the AUC was calculated.
As described above, item characteristic curves (ICCs) are graphical depictions of the relationship between the measurement properties of the person and of the items; they are useful tools for visualization and interpretation of the items in the scale.
Device characteristic curve based (DCCB) virtual sensors use device characteristic curves to relate the virtual measurements (consequential output of the device movements) to the input sensor measurements, which quantify device operation, as shown in Equation (1).
2012), the soil-water retention curve (SWRC), also known as soil-water characteristic curve, is an important constitutive relationship for unsaturated soil mechanics.

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