characteristic difference

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But if we are unwilling to be placed in this perilous situation; if we still will adhere to the design of a national government, or, which is the same thing, of a superintending power, under the direction of a common council, we must resolve to incorporate into our plan those ingredients which may be considered as forming the characteristic difference between a league and a government; we must extend the authority of the Union to the persons of the citizens, -- the only proper objects of government.
In all this we have characteristic differences between the behaviour of animals and the behaviour of matter as studied by physics.
In an odd but characteristic difference, this book lacks the preface and acknowledgements that have been obligatory parts of the American academic style for at least forty years.
The characteristic difference lies in the fact that the amplification region becomes broader, and the natural frequency is lower for the downward sweep in frequency.
1 Number of observations 4,886 1,634 Percentage point Percent Characteristic difference change Education: Did not complete high school (1) -11.
The characteristic difference between AOSA and ASA is that for AOSA compounds the succinic anhydride groups are always linked to the center of the alkenyl chains.
case mix) also are compared, and resource consumption is adjusted for case-mix and facility characteristic differences between RFs and SNFs.
The investigations of Landolt and Bruhl have introduced the spectrometer for the tracing of multiple bonds in chemistry, but it seems to me that the most characteristic differences in the structure of the molecules will be discovered by the investigation of the thermal properties (heat conductivity, viscosity coefficients, etc.
And for those of you who don't use long words on a Sunday morning, it basically means that the characteristic differences between men and women are becoming less pronounced.
Eliot, Allen Tate, Hermann Broch, and Giuseppe Ungaretti, heirs to Virgil's images, values, and poetic patterns, Ziolkowski involves a broader group "in order to illustrate some of the underlying affinities among modern writers who admired Virgil as well as to display certain characteristic differences between them.
There are characteristic differences between the vehicles and not just when the cabin is wide open," continues Lindsay.
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