characteristic mood

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Two important aspects of individuals' emotional well-being are characteristic mood and self-esteem, a component of which is affective evaluation of the self.
Bette Davis left her Warner Bros contract in one of her characteristic mood swings and even the enticement of the role of Scarlett could not bring her back.
Instead he freely chose to ponder the snow and the birds in his very characteristic mood of what Plato called poetic wonder, and he refrained, also as a matter of preserving his own imaginative freedom, from assigning the birds and snow any meaning.
Besides, none of those quotes catch the Whig historian in his most characteristic mood: filled with scorn and wrath at how those in government abuse their power.
A characteristic mood is struck for the opening section by "Kadango Village, Even Milimbo Lagoon Is Dry," in which the poet, on returning to his family home in Malawi, is confronted by evidence of hunger.

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