characteristic part

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Several artisans were likewise to sail in the ship, for the supply of the colony; but the most peculiar and characteristic part of this motley embarkation consisted of thirteen Canadian "voyageurs,"who had enlisted for five years.
While the Teton thus enacted his subtle and characteristic part, not a sound broke the stillness of the surrounding prairie.
The Puritans had played a characteristic part in the Maypole mummeries.
A particular and characteristic part of the conventional Italian lyric apparatus which Wyatt transplanted was the 'conceit.
The most characteristic part was a tableau presented by street children enrolled in IRM Smart Schools.
According to Birmingham chronicler John Alfred Langford "Birmingham rejoiced with the other towns of the kingdom on the event"; still "the most characteristic part of this celebration consisted of the marriage presents which the Birmingham tradesmen made to the Princess".
A benefit seen after several months of vismodegib therapy was the "remarkable" clearance of the palmar and plantar pits that are a characteristic part of BCNS, Dr.
Culture Minister Elizabeta Kanceska-Milevska says that this project will revitalize this characteristic part of the country.
As we explore this bizarre field of peat pinnacles, leaving deep boot prints in our wake, I can't help wondering if we might be damaging this unusual habitat, which forms a characteristic part of the Sperrins' landscape.
THEY are enshrined in myth and folklore - the mad March hares whose bizarre courtship rituals are such a characteristic part of spring.
Outdoor wooden window shutters to keep the midday sun at bay in summer and deflect chilly winds in winter have long been an intrinsic and characteristic part of homes in Provence and Tuscany.
Is that characteristic part of the clergy's exemption from family?

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