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Series four of the successful late-teen drama Skins hits our screens on Thursday with a characteristically eventful opening episode.
Mr Dhanda said: "It's characteristically cocky to talk about his government before the general election has even happened.
char*ac*ter*is*ti*cal*ly \,ker-[schwa]k-t[schwa]-'ris-ti-k[schwa]-l[macron over e]\ adverb <She was characteristically cheerful.
Coach Terry Matterson is not helped by having the smallest squad in Super League and certainly won't relish facing the defending champions, who have started their title defence in characteristically ruthless fashion.
LEONARD (now Lord) Steinberg is characteristically understated as he assesses his career.
As for Kahn's film winning, the pianist is at once hopeful and characteristically good-humored.
Buffett characteristically put his money where his mouth is, betting against the dollar in his investments.
In her characteristically wicked and trenchant way, feminist satirist Weldon takes aim at today's marriage and childrearing practices among the upwardly mobile.
Characteristically named in his emergent series of 'tectures', the three buildings are called Halftecture OR, Halftecture OO and Halftecture OJ.
Characteristically, Chalabi, 61, could land on his feet in a high government post even though he failed to win even a minimum of votes from the Iraqi people.
In a characteristically refined, subtle fashion, Cruz's project troubled not just the fantasy of the perfect translation, but also the idea that, were one to peer into his mind, one might find there a more polished or nuanced version of Don Quixote than the one that fell so haltingly on listeners' ears in the gallery.
Young readers will learn why flamingos characteristically stand on one leg and eat upside down, how flamingos stay dry, if flamingos can salute, how flamingos can bend their knees backwards, why they have webbed feet, how many eggs they lay, whether or not baby flamingos are pink, and more.

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