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But the investment looks characteristically opportune, and Qatar's support for troubled banks in the euro zone may not end there.
In addition, hedge fund strategy leadership has varied across time periods of accelerating inflation, with Emerging Markets and Equity Hedge funds characteristically providing the greatest inflation protection.
Series four of the successful late-teen drama Skins hits our screens on Thursday with a characteristically eventful opening episode.
"And characteristically Tory that he wants to be judged on how many cuts he pushes through."
I am not putting this question to the tiny and characteristically vocal minority who have vested interests in nuclear power and who, with few exceptions, make sure they live well away from proposed nuclear power stations.
He won the Military Medal, but characteristically kept hidden the nature of the valorous action for which it was awarded.
Characteristically, Chalabi, 61, could land on his feet in a high government post even though he failed to win even a minimum of votes from the Iraqi people."
In a characteristically refined, subtle fashion, Cruz's project troubled not just the fantasy of the perfect translation, but also the idea that, were one to peer into his mind, one might find there a more polished or nuanced version of Don Quixote than the one that fell so haltingly on listeners' ears in the gallery.
In an earnest, but characteristically silly article of recent vintage, USA Today demanded to know why CEOs refuse to get "tangled up in messy blogs." Given that 8.5 million people are now writing blogs somewhere on this planet, and given that many "outspoken" CEOs genuinely enjoy mixing it up with the competition, why is there not a single Fortune 1000 chairman or CEO regularly recording his or her thoughts on the Internet?
Young readers will learn why flamingos characteristically stand on one leg and eat upside down, how flamingos stay dry, if flamingos can salute, how flamingos can bend their knees backwards, why they have webbed feet, how many eggs they lay, whether or not baby flamingos are pink, and more.
In the third book of the miniseries Sex & the Supper Club, author Kristin Hardy's characteristically sophisticated prose creates a world of glamour in NOTHING BUT THE BEST.
Sarah Kane's characteristically unrelenting Cleansed will be seen for the first time in Italy, directed by Marco Plini.

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