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I said that the characterizability of a sex-dependent restriction in neutral terms does not settle the question whether the restriction is objectionable, because (by definition of a sex-dependent restriction) it will necessarily also remain characterizable as being predicated on consideration of sex.
The resulting structure must be characterizable as a DAG with a single root node.
Come osserva Max Waryosky: "We're dealing with a world fundamentally characterizable, physically, as a set of [.
Are cnida scaling and allometry real, characterizable, and distinctive kinds of intraspecific variability?
Daniel R Weinberger, chief of the clinical brain disorders branch at the National Institute of Mental Health, made the claim that most major psychiatric diseases, including depressive disorders and schizophrenia, "are associated with subtle but objectively characterizable changes in brain structure and function.
Whenever she wishes to damn the view that the relation of evidence to conclusion is a matter of logic, Haack uses the phrase "syntactically characterizable logic.
If functionalism is characterizable, in part, by a desire to circumvent questions of high politics, we highlight the fact that the way this has been sought is not constant but involves a history of strategic deployments of technological metaphors.
The community that matters most for understanding the politics of the Defence is not a faction at the Elizabethan court (vaguely characterizable as earnest puritan" by Sinfield or "forward Protestant" by Worden), but an identifiable network of cosmopolitan Protestant humanists reaching from Languet to Mornay to Rogers to Buchanan to Sidney, one which found its most important "commonplace" agreements in that distinctive version of Protestantism that derives from Philip Melanchthon's vastly influential and still-obscured labors.
Relevant properties of silicon atoms and electrons are measurable and characterizable mathematically, once and for all, in terms of a few parameters.
Indeed, from the perspective of many other people of color (and perhaps some whites), adverse reactions to the police are not even properly characterizable as atypical, but rather are rational responses to stressful situations.
These are transitions characterizable, on the whole, in terms of "ambiguously lateral moves," "retrospective losses," and "unpredictable wage outcomes.
Even after reading it several times, I could not see exactly how it's supposed to fit into Tales or what Pigliucci is trying to say At times he seems to suggest that a scientific theory ought to be characterizable by a straw man (p.

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