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Applications include R&D, quality assurance and manufacturing process control across a broad spectrum of industries, where characterization of colloids can enhance innovation, improve safety and reduce costs.
'Geographically, the demand for materials characterization analyzers is saturated in the United States, as characterization methods have already been established and the country has a large installed base of these instruments,' noted Sami.
"The Autodesk Moldflow lab and related business we acquired provides very specialized and detailed material characterization required for the highest level of accuracy when running Autodesk Moldflow's mold filling, packing, shrinkage, residual stress, warpage and mold cooling analysis programs.
"With Beaumont handling the majority of our training and material characterization activities, Autodesk will focus on development and validation of new process solvers and characterization methodologies."
As a first step ,the Punjab Con-Cast have provided an Ozone Aging Test Chamber to the department for material characterization.
"Analytical characterization of biopharmaceuticals remains a challenge for scientists and requires cutting edge chromatography solutions and mass spectrometry detection," said Jakob Gudbrand, president of chromatography and analytical technologies at Thermo Fisher.
Keysight's analyzer Series features powerful EasyEXPERT group+ software that's designed to accelerate the entire characterization process.
Developed in collaboration between Cadence and TSMC, the library characterization tool setting is available to TSMC customers for download on TSMC-Online.
Symposium on Characterization of Minerals, Metals, and Materials (2013: San Antonio, Texas) Edited by Jiann-Yang Hwang et al
To evaluate the importance of classified terrain units for seismic site characterization, and their role in earthquake induced building damage, the classified terrain units were compared with 2005 Kashmir earthquake damage data derived from field visits and SPOT-5 imagery.
'A basic guide to particle characterization' covers introductory basics, theory and instrumentation as well as providing a reference guide to help the reader decide what might be most appropriate technique for their particle characterization needs.
Norwood, MA, February 01, 2012 --( With a large influx of customers choosing ATS as a partner for their thermal characterization needs, Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc., ATS, has expanded it's already impressive thermal characterization lab's capabilities.

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