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ENMs characterize general environmental regimes under which species or phenomena may occur.
In doing so, he intensifies the unmistakable sense of formal continuity and coherence that characterizes all the pieces within the collection.
Much like lenders and credit companies use data mining to great effect in assessing the financial gamble involved with lending money or extending credit to individuals or groups, law enforcement agencies can use it to characterize the risk involved in various incidents.
Later he writes, "Bray...inserts quotation marks to characterize what I, in fact, did not write." I challenge him to identify where, in my review, the phrase "military freedom" appears.
It has become fashionable to characterize my country as unilateralist and against all arms control agreements.
Keller appeals to cross-gendered images of the divine in early Christianity (a female Holy Spirit, a breasted Father) to argue for a current conception of "gender fluidity" that can maintain a sense of the connectedness and "ethical mutuality" which should characterize our moral subjectivities.
Centering his work on what Du Bois had earlier described as the "double-consciousness" of the African American intellectual and what Ralph Ellison would later characterize as a "complex double vision" of black American culture, Wright was able to achieve a profound and enduring humanism.
This research should lead to a better understanding of how hearing impairment or deafness is transmitted from parent to child, making it possible to identify and characterize the genes in which changes or mutations cause hearing impairment.
Scientists at North Carolina State University wanted to characterize the chemical components responsible for the development of off-flavors in peanuts caused by high-temperature microwave blanching.
Many analytical techniques have been proposed to characterize the coating layer, but most are limited in some way or entail difficult procedures for preparing the samples.
Based on this surface topography, data analysis techniques are utilized to characterize the surface roughness and carbon black dispersion.
The new network configuration is intended to help characterize the performance of the Brewers and to collect information relevant to quantifying the effects of tropospheric ozone and fine particles on surface UV levels and radiative forcing.