characterized by excess

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NASH is characterized by excess fat in the liver along with inflammation and liver damage.
However, the MENA reinsurance markets are characterized by excess capacity, which translates into fierce competition and unsustainable levels of pricing.
The upcoming 2015 January renewals will continue to be characterized by excess reinsurance capacity.
The findings indicate that a dysfunctional adiposity phenotype, characterized by excess visceral fat mass and insulin resistance, is associated with both incident prediabetes and diabetes in a specifically obese population, Dr.
The team used a technique called whole exome sequencing - an analysis of the makeup of all the genes - to study a rare inherited form of hypertension characterized by excess levels of potassium in the blood.
Despite these tragic developments, the global energy market; characterized by excess production and refining capacity, flexibility and smoothness of trade and movement in the international oil market, inter-reliability and continuous international cooperation, has contributed to the avoidance of any negative impact.
Previous recessions were often characterized by excess inventory accumulation and overinvestment in business equipment.
In addition, this part of the industry has been characterized by excess capacity, even aside from the industry downturn, due to relatively low barriers to entry for molding.
Because of mispriced credit and indiscriminate lending practices, China s economy is certainly characterized by excess capacity, and consequent low rates of return on capital sustain the danger of a new financial system bad-debt eruption.
As Jefferson Smurfit Chairman, Gary McGann, noted, "While there are initial indications of improved industry conditions across Europe, it is still a market characterized by excess industry capacity.
S&P said the merger is ''a needed step for the companies to reduce costs and increase their bargaining power amid extremely difficult industry conditions, characterized by excess capacity, mounting regional competition, pricing pressures, and high cost structures.
While small amounts of copper are essential to good health, Wilson's disease is characterized by excess storage of copper in the body tissues.