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Upon review, the court reversed the decision, characterizing commission income earned by Brinco as if it was earned by Brown Cayman.
In terms of lab work, such colorant file changes mean fabricating more "working masters," or pigmented plastic chips, and characterizing them in the new absolute database.
This study presents a number of new methods for characterizing chemical pulp fines.
Not only did he play a role in isolating and characterizing these agents and their diseases, but his team was instrumental in studying and understanding the role of their forest reservoirs.
XRP has the potential to become a useful method for characterizing these types of structures using commercially available XR within industrial laboratories.
89-72, adopting an aggregate theory of partnership taxation in characterizing the income of a partnership at the partner CFC level for determining subpart F income, was incorrect.
We are the only company that provides a proven sub-100 nanometer silicon IP product for the fabs that delivers comprehensive data for characterizing variability.
The promise of photonic BC systems underscores the importance of characterizing their local optical properties, since the optical activity of single microphase domains and defect structures may dictate device function.
The articles include descriptions of new methods for detecting, characterizing, or subtyping new or reemerging pathogens.
Following the approach of Schwartz (3), a model characterizing these relationships may be expressed as:
The conventional ways of characterizing carbon black rely mainly on two parameters, namely the "specific surface area" and the so-called "structure.
Through a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, PhytoMedical is working towards synthesizing the active components found in cinnamon and characterizing their beneficial health effects in cell cultures systems, animals and ultimately humans.