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A next step in applying ENM approaches to understanding disease systems is characterizing geographic distributions.
However, there are not many methods for characterizing the structure of the coating, and traditional methods are limited in their capabilities.
The technique may also prove useful for characterizing foams and lung and sinus passageways.
Characterizing the friendship between Peter Heinrich Merkens and Ludolf Camphausen as a model of the new Protestant-Catholic "coexistence" certainly does not serve the author well, since both were Protestant (122).
Researchers are examining these foods, isolating and characterizing chemical components, structures and physiologic function.
In its decision, the court noted that the taxpayer had met its burden of proof in characterizing payments from the company as dividend distributions and loan repayments.
In its initial opinion, the court ruled that the entity theory should apply in characterizing Brinco's commission income.
Colorant information radiates to the divisions from the CTC, where the ongoing work of characterizing the color behavior of the various pigments and resin systems takes place.
APPLICATION: This study presents several simple methods for characterizing chemical pulp fines, allowing better control of fines quality.
This fully functional GPC/SEC system for characterizing copolymers brings together the company's TDA triple detector array, GPCmax integrated pump, autosampler and degasser module and OmniSEC software for coping with the most demanding copolymer analyses.