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The cousin added that the school authorities termed Anamika as arrogant, desperate, attention seeking, characterless, etc.
I am bringing your actions today to our Majority Leader and Majority Whip and from this time forward, understand that I shall defend myself forthright against your heinous characterless behavior.
Worst still is the characterless, billion-pound, 42-acre Paradise project.
Devil's Beat and Saturday Night sounded like characterless KT Tunstall impersonations.
Tenor Peter Jelosits completed the cast with a characterless MonsieurTaupe (the prompter).
The cost of the various design options will weigh heavily in the decision, but the panel of state and local officials who will review the competing designs should bear in mind that people have said they want something other than a characterless structure like the temporary span that the new bridge will replace.
Instead of the usual claustrophobic and characterless confines of an exhibition hall, the fair takes place in commercial galleries sprinkled around the city's historic antiques quarter, the Sablon--galleries that are either owned by the participants or let to their private or overseas colleagues for the duration (4-8 June).
Bernhard's client specifically asked him to design a house in this area; however, from his descriptions of its overcrowded and characterless environment, you sense that the architect would probably have preferred to build elsewhere.
Dear Editor, - Dudley people of a certain age were quite miffed when the boundary changes took place in 1970 something, when we were unceremoniously extracted out of our historic, beloved Worcestershire and dumped into the characterless West Midlands.
THE man behind all of the circuits to have debuted on the F1 calendar in recent years, Herman Tilke, is often criticised by purists for his characterless designs.
Starting in May 1924, and appearing in between two more focused notebooks, it is not a favorite of scholars, who have considered it somewhat characterless.