charge duty

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After passing our state final it was usual if asked to stay to do six months' charge duty, either relieving Sisters for annual leave or having a charge of ward.
Also South Korean customs authorities do not charge duty on imports of thorium, uranium, nuclear reactors and parts exported from the EU and this free trade status will remain unchanged as a result of this agreement.
Can a member state charge duty on the raising of capital, where securities are transferred as a contribution to a capital company, if this very transaction has already been taxed (known as capital duty') in the sense of Article 7 of Directive 69/335 (concerning indirect taxes on the raising of capital)?
If you are a nurse who is assigned charge duty from time to time or if you have otherwise acted in what might be considered a supervisory capacity, your rights as a union member could be taken away if the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) says that role makes you a "supervisor.
What you have to worry about is that if you make this conversion too popular, our friend the Chancellor of the Exchequer will be down on you like a ton of bricks and will start to charge duty.
Furthermore, if there was any attempt to charge duty on cannabis, or to restrict its sale to children, a black market would develop and the links between the drug and other criminal activity would remain, he said.
They wanted Christ to pay duty to enter Rome" quipped Michelangelo's assistant Pietro Urbano in a letter describing his difficulties with the Rome customs officials who wanted to charge duty on the Risen Christ (fig.