charge levied

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In a statement, the airlines said that the sportspersons would be exempted from paying the charge levied for firearms, air guns and or ammunition provided they carry a government recognised identification document.
Since the singer's arrest, many have taken to social media to express their support, using the hashtag #WeAreAllSaadLamjarred, while others have condemned this support given the gravity of the charge levied against him.
Against the backdrop of concerns about airlines charging excessive fees for extra baggage, DGCA has decided to reduce steeply the additional charge levied from passengers.
The money comes from the five pence charge levied on carrier bags.
THE 5p charge levied on plastic bags in Welsh shops has been praised for the positive environmental and charitable impact it has had in the four years since it was introduced.
Members will be able to park for free at the beauty spot near the tip of the Gower Peninsula , with other users forking out up to PS4 for the privilege - 50p more than the daily charge levied by the previous private landowners.
As far as I know this the lowest charge levied by any government or wider public sector service," Gavrielides said.
HAVING helped my sister-in-law move into her flat in September 2012 and seeing the overgrown jungle of a garden she had to tackle, I am concerned that we are now going to have a charge levied against council tenants who wish to take a pride in their rented property and ensure their gardens are a joy to behold rather than a public eyesore.
Surely, the toilets could be kept open and a small charge levied if money is so tight?
The issue of parking charges could be fairly resolved by making a charge for all council-run parking areas, the charge levied being at least enough to cover the cost of maintenance, repair and policing of the parking area.
The service will be completely free to use, as it is funded by a charge levied on the financial services industry and collected by the City watchdog.
However, the regulator "retains the power to fix the maximum amount of that charge levied by operators at a level below the costs incurred by them, when a charge calculated only on the basis of these costs is liable to dissuade users from making use of the portability facility".