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Keywords in this release: video surveillance equipment, IP-networked surveillance systems, digital equipment, digital video recorders, DVRs, analog-to-digital converters, charge-coupled device, dynamic range cameras, Ethernet-based video-matrix switchers, analog cameras, video servers
Both devices use charge-coupled device (CCD) technology and can read all standard 2-D barcode symbologies up to 12" away.
The charge-coupled device (CCD) camera boasts 310,000 pixels for superior-quality digital images, complete with a built-in flash to enable indoor and dim-lighting snapshots.
It provides comprehensive coverage of different types of underlying technologies such as charge-coupled device cameras, amorphous silicon detectors, and amorphous selenium detectors.
chose Z/I Imaging's DMC because of its highly innovative modular design based on Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) matrix(frame) sensors.

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