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Using this additional IP data, Stavely Minerals' geophysical consultants, Newexco Services Pty Ltd, have identified a very large and very strong IP chargeability anomaly with the 50mV/V anomaly being some 500m in diameter and the 20mV/V anomaly being in excess of 1km in diameter in an NW/SE orientation.
The number-size (N-S) model is proposed by Mandelbrot [15] with a difference that instead of size, the geophysical parameter such as chargeability is used.
The chargeability maps at 310m (M310; Figure 6a), 260m (M260; Figure 7a), 210m (M210; Figure 8a), 170m (M170; Figure 9a), 100m (M100; Figure 10a), 50m (M50; Figure 11a) and 20m depth (M20; Figure 12a) showed several chargeability anomaly highs located within the Cumbre, Matecana, Mandeval-La Lenguita, el Cedral, San Luis and Dos Quebradas target areas, respectively.
0 metres of 538 g/t silver, and was sited near the north end of a 475 metre long IP chargeability high, which is projected to continue to the south under soil cover.
The chargeability zone is also a strong alteration feature with peripheral volcanic rocks altered to chlorite and epidote (propylitic alteration) and the mineralised zone containing higher grade biotite alteration suggesting proximity to a mineralised source.
Clancy's Managing Director Mark Stewart said that the definition of the chargeability anomalies at Orange East was a significant advance for the project.
The chargeability zone is believed to be a response to disseminated sulphide mineralisation and modeling indicates a source that dips steeply to the north.