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Tenders are invited for Dnit chargeable to saha village drilling of additional tubewell of distt ambala under shivalik development boardinstallation of tubewell of size 250mmx200mm upto 200 metres depth below ground level by reverse rotary rig and all other works contingent
The Audit Team maintained its stand that the said expenses are not among the priority expenses chargeable against the SEF.
But the amendment under CL 2019-7A made funding for the pending salary adjustments chargeable against agency-specific budgets.
Under those classified under 'Chargeable against Automatic Appropriation' aree Retirement and Life Insurance Premiums, equivalent to 12 percent of the salaries component of this item as well as the corresponding RLIP to the fourth tranche compensation adjustments pursuant to Executive Order No.
"Please note that should the High Court determine that the excise duty should have been collected, we advise that we will debit your account with the amount of excise duty chargeable on the applicable bank transfers initiated during this period," wrote head of personal banking Silpah Owach in a notice.This means that ahead of the hearing set for Monday, banks may debit customer accounts with the 0.
Air India has said reservation for middle seats in the front and the middle portions of the aircraft would be chargeable. However, "all seats in the rear portion, including window, aisle and middle will remain free of charge", it said.
The ministerial resolution features 23 services that shall be chargeable at AED 100-AED 50,000.
Currently, FBR is charging 3% on industrial raw material, the locally made finished textile items are being charged at the rate of 5% and imported textile articles are chargeable to sales tax at the rate of 17%.
Carlos Suarez Duarte, vice president at Moody's Investors Service, said, 'We believe that the positive effects of the reduction of the bank levy from 0.21 percent to 0.1 percent of global chargeable liabilities will be largely offset by the introduction next year of a new 8 percent surcharge on bank profits.
Mr Hamilton said: "Differences have built up in the level of district rates chargeable by the old councils and those chargeable under the new larger councils."
Lisa Trickett, cabinet member responsible for bins, said: "We've now completed the first year of our chargeable service, attracting more than 50,000 subscribers in the process.