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This means that, by 2020, Sweden will have almost 200,000 chargeable cars, which will require a far larger charging infrastructure," says Susanna Hurtig, head of Vattenfall E-Mobility Nordic.
New Delhi [India], Feb 18 ( ANI ): The 12 percent taxation chargeable on sanitary napkins has faced a backlash from citizens, as they feel a key sanitary need should not be included in such a high tax bracket.
Corporate acquisitions and mergers shall be chargeable as well under the resolution.
Now sugar is chargeable to sales tax at the reduced rate of 8%.
Similarly, retailers of textile sector are chargeable to 5% and commercial importers are paying sales tax at 1% on value addition in addition to 3%.
These become exempt if the donor survives for seven years after the gift, but if they die within that period, the PET becomes chargeable.
We've learned a lot of lessons implementing our chargeable service and will continue to do everything we can to make the service run as smoothly as possible.
I never ring mobiles or chargeable numbers unless I have to from my phone.
Now the new screen can be made capacitive by Apple to challenge other tablets in the market, and a chargeable stylus inclusion will definitely have an edge over other companies.
Peel is pleased to report that multiple zones of strong shallow chargeable anomalism have been identified, many of which are coincident or proximal to known historic workings.
Looking at the past quarter, the average increase in chargeable hours per fee earner of 1.