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At a half-mile distance she curved about and charged back.
said Maria Valenzuela, as the bull charged bravely and the capador eluded it with a fling of his cape.
And just then the bull charged unexpectedly one of the capadors.
The capadors teased the bull their capes, and when it charged them they ran toward the horse and into their shelters.
Then the bull charged it and gored it again and again until it was dead.
Buto, angered and mystified by the strange disappearance of his prey, wheeled and charged frantically in another direction, which chanced to be not the direction of Tarzan's flight, and so the ape-man came in safety to the trees and continued on his swift way through the forest.
The constable said calmly to him, 'sir, you asked me just now if I knew whether I was a constable or justice, and bade me do my duty, and charged me with this gentlewoman as a prisoner.
Then the constable related his case: his dialogue with the mercer about discharging me, and at last his servant's refusing to go with him, when he had charged him with him, and his master encouraging him to do so, and at last his striking the constable, and the like, all as I have told it already.
He's not charged at all, your worship,' replied the officer.
Let's suppose, for instance, that the sample consists of whitewater from a paper machine, and that the sample has an excess of negatively charged colloidal materials suspended in it.
The enhanced solution tracks every stage of a transaction from ordering, through delivery and payment, and ensures that customers are only charged if the service request has been fulfilled and they have sufficient credit to complete a given transaction.
Derrick Robertson, Simpson's commander, who was charged with rape, sodomy and adultery.