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Anthony John Newall, 42, of Wadham Road, Bootle, charged with going equipped for theft and kept in custody to appear at South Sefton Magistrates Court today.
166-1(c)) is recoverable only in part, the IRS may allow the amount that has become worthless as a deduction only to the extent charged off during the tax year (specific charge-off method).
All of these "bad actors" were (are) negatively charged and consumers of cationic retention aids, starches, sizes, dyes, and other specialty wet end additives.
3]He ionization chamber with the position sensitive, charged particle collection methods of a MicroMegas detector.
The conduct for which Stewart was charged occurred before September 11 and before Congress passed the USA PATRIOT Act, a statute aimed at enhancing federal power to fight terrorism.
Typically, furnace over-charging is the greatest problem in furnaces with a short freeboard area, particularly if they are being charged with buckets since the bucket capacity is discharged at one time rather than over a period of time with a vibratory conveyor.
Consequently, once the Sixth Amendment right to counsel has attached, the accused and defense counsel have the right to be notified of an intended lineup concerning the charged offense and, the lineup cannot be conducted absent the presence of defense counsel or an intelligent waiver executed by the accused.
Customers, who used to be charged flat fees, are now being nickel-and-aimed for individual services.
Instead, "the prisoner's account goes into negative balance," and if someone is ultimately unable to pay, "the prisoner's welfare fund is charged.