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Rather, these women, and the characters they created, worked within and through the sentimental and angelic ideal of feminine charitableness advocated by male ilustrados.
She has also done splendid translations from Greek, Italian, and French, and she is celebrated not only for her knowledge but also in particular for her modesty and charitableness ("Ueber Engelland" 370).
Cecilia's charitableness reflects this trajectory from pinnacle to bottom to somewhere in between, as her grand schemes of benevolence are affected by her apparently having it all, giving it away, and later receiving a smaller fund.
Hill's appearance and story foreshadows the shattering of her fantasies of charitable giving as well as the abuse and testing of her charitableness as the novel progresses.
To deny care to patients solely because they are unable to pay is counter to the fundamental belief in generosity and charitableness held by most Americans.
Plato's Republic argues in places that it pays the individual to obey social norms of honesty and charitableness, lest he raise up a thicket of enemies waiting for the chance to avenge themselves, a message employed today in classes on conflict resolution.
These dimensions are, first, the field of a virtue, roughly the kind of situation in which it characteristically operates; second, the characteristic targets it aims at, such as the well-being of others in the case of beneficence and the control of tear in the case of courage; third, the agent's understanding of that field; fourth, the agent's motivation to act in that field in a certain way, where that way is appropriate to the virtue; fifth, the agent's acting on the basis of that understanding and motivation; and sixth, the beneficiaries of the virtue, above all (and perhaps solely) the person(s) who properly benefit from our realizing it: for beneficence, other people in general; for charitableness, the needy; for fidelity, family and friends; etc.
The early chapters discuss the changing images of and attitudes toward the poor -- erosion of medieval Christian charitableness and its replacement by the indiscriminate labelling of all paupers as reprobates unworthy of public support -- and the causes of poverty.
Delano's offer might be envisioned as comical, but Melville's transformation of Delano's Narrative suggests a serious consideration - despite Delano's elaborately translated and re-translated legal documents, protestations of charitableness, and lukewarm Spanish testimonials to Delano's heroism - of Cereno's allegations that the American was a grasping brigand.
With characteristic charitableness, Monaghan says little about his mother, who first foisted him upon a German family that resented his presence and later incarcerated him in a Roman Catholic orphanage "for a year.
It can be quite difficult to sustain engagement with the other in a spirit of generosity, charitableness, and reciprocity.