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Working together on a philanthropic project can help parents teach their children about the family's wealth and to what uses it can profitably and charitably be put.
Charity seems to have been lacking on the part of the Hippodrome management despite the fact that we are requested to support the Hippodrome charitably, not least through the absurd handling charge for tickets if we choose to pay in ready cash.
Even in West Virginia, where conflicts of interest tend to be viewed charitably, having the speaker of the house simultaneously serve as a union's general counsel proved to be too much for the state ethics commission to stomach.
The Kingston Republican authored what most observers considered to be a compromise bill that won the support of Secretary of State Bill Gardner and town and city clerks, who had what can charitably called serious concerns about a piece of voter ID legislation making its way through the House.
which is a 40-year-old Arkansas-made tradition, has a leadership team that looks for ways to give charitably and encourages its staffers to follow suit.
Notwithstanding that Mr Cole can charitably forgive Sir Eric's ignorance, I still feel I have to pose one niggling little question.
CROSBY ActionAid campaigners are urging Merseysiders to think charitably when they are choosing their festive tipple.
I say let's manage our wild lands and wildlife wisely and charitably, so that we and future generations can enjoy the best of what's left.
The illustrations suggesting what you can do when you quit smoking--blow bubbles, wear a T-shirt bragging about your feat, clog your toilet with cigarettes--can be charitably described as uninspired.
Muth, a visionary economist and progressive leader in the field of applied economy, charitably accepted an invitation to guest edit this edition.
They found that participants who received a dose of oxytocin, administered with a nasal spray, behaved more charitably towards members of their own group.
Ramadan, the ninth month of the Hijri lunar calendar, commemorates the revelation of Quran, Islam's holy book, and has traditionally been a time of religious fervour, settling old disputes and behaving charitably towards neighbours.