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Here, she charitably cameos in the equally smutty sequel, with Jason Bateman and pals kidnapping the son of a ruthless investor who has stolen their company's business plan.
After an earlier goal from the Heroes, England drew level and eventually won 3-2 in a highly competitive game, played in very hot conditions but with charitably spirit.
Wealthy philanthropists, many of whom can be seen annually at Royal Ascot, often for tax reasons splash cash charitably, most of which has been gained by shrewd gambling on the stock exchange and by the exploitation of others in various forms.
While it's charitably referred to as "the wish list," budget watchers say it more often serves as "the cemetery," or "where dreams go to die.
Bratz dolls, as anyone who's ever either bought one or seen one on the shelves, favour what could most charitably be described as a bold fashion statement.
Similarly, greater familiarity with the topics may be necessary in order to see what the authors have had to leave out of their contributions: the background knowledge that is assumed for a discussion; the allusions to other related concepts; or the omissions that, charitably, may have been made for reasons of space or, less charitably, for the convenience of a particular argument.
As long as he maintains his position, I will keep attending Mass for spiritual contemplation, and I will bypass the archdiocese's collection to directly support service organizations humbly, charitably and compassionately serving the oppressed.
2014 marks the 50th year the Wisconsin Public Service Foundation has been offering educational advancement opportunities to area schools and their students, as well as charitably giving to local communities.
It still isn't widely known that the Great North Air Ambulance Service is 100% charitably funded.
But today - laid bare on page five - we reveal the difficulties an already over-stretched service faces in the form of what we'll charitably call inappropriate use of the 999 service by some members of the public.
As charitably as I could, I led them to imagine that they had just discovered they were unexpectedly pregnant.
THE Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home is entirely charitably funded.