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Celui-ci a annonce vendredi sur Shems fm que le gouvernorat va porter plainte contre le charlatan pour faux et usage de faux et escroquerie.
For how long are these charlatans masquerading as human rights activists, political pundits, perceptive observers, objective analysts and sensitive commentators to keep up with their abominable misleading and cruel talk?
17 as part of the corruption investigation and subsequently released pending trial, accused Bahceli of defamation of character over a March 27 election speech in which the MHP leader called him a charlatan.
La police met fin a la dangereuse activite d'un charlatan
Adams, a surgeon and medical historian whose qualifications include living in nearby Regent's Park for more than 30 years, gives the physicians and others who lived and worked in the area full consideration, but is also capable of calling a charlatan a charlatan.
For many scholars, the Renaissance charlatan exists as either a trickster or a quack.
In particular, I appreciated Frankie Edozien's "Sharpton's New Sermon," because during Al Sharpton's earlier years in the public eye, he seemed to be merely a charlatan or a buffoon (or both).
In this issue Paul Maliszewski--a student of one particular genre attendant to Holocaust literature, the fraudulent survivor memoir--reports on novelist Michael Chabon's use of a made-up anecdote relating a boyhood friendship with one such charlatan author.
If he knew that I was putting it all on for some charlatan, cynical, public relations purpose, He would be very hard on me on the day of judgement.
I consider myself more of a wuss and a charlatan than a poser.
Although he has gotten good press lately, reminding us of the old adage that nothing succeeds like success, he was, in my judgment, a charlatan and a phony If we as physicians are to be examples to our patients, we must be categorical in our denunciation of an Atkins.