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In my view, Pinter was a very minor talent unfairly elevated by a theatre of charlatanry to emperor status, who was then forever trying to convince us that he wasn't actually naked.
In his 1924 novel The Three Hostages, Buchan is scathing about Eastern magic and equates it with charlatanry, which can be powerful in the right place and time when the worshipper is gullible.
Given such results and the absence of scientific support for the underlying principles, it is justified to view the use of these machines as charlatanry, and we argue that there are serious ethical and security reasons to demand that responsible authorities and institutions should not get involved in such practices.
Hard money advocates saw charlatanry behind the idea of pretending that a scrap of paper had value just because it had some inky Latin words on it; no wonder the Protestants among them compared paper money to the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation, arguing that a thing doesn't change its essence just because one says it does.
61) Stem cell tourism has received intense scrutiny based on numerous reports of charlatanry, unsubstantiated claims in advertisements, and adverse medical outcomes.
The court also noted that no one had complained of suffering any harm as a result of his charlatanry nor did he have any prior criminal record, press reports said on Thursday.
Even if one agrees that Steiner's anthroposophical arguments do not amount to philosophical charlatanry, or if one happens to find something coolly plausible in the claim that "we are presently living in the fourth embodiment of our solar and planetary system, with three more still to come" (194), still it needs to be explained how a man like Barfield was drawn away so markedly from the central currents of twentieth-century culture.
He analyzes selected examples of psychological research in the style of a natural science, in particular those that use the "Test of Significance" or "Null Hypothesis Test" as a standard form of data reduction, and concludes that there is "an extremely crass and weighty case of charlatanry in psychological science.
Nieuwenhuizen's amateurish charlatanry should have been apparent to Malgas, but he misses every sign, even the most Disneyesque ones that scatter "gold-dust and glitter" with the flourish of a paintbrush.
Non-sectarian elegance and charlatanry with a calculated lack of tendency turned into dull screechy anger.
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