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This ended the saying of the charm, and they heard a great chattering and flapping of wings, as the band of Winged Monkeys flew up to them.
Why do you have to obey the charm of the Golden Cap?
I wonder whether the charm worked--you remember Hollis's charm, of course.
It may be, of course, above all, that what suddenly broke into this gives the previous time a charm of stillness-- that hush in which something gathers or crouches.
Her mind was every way equal to her person; nay, the latter borrowed some charms from the former; for when she smiled, the sweetness of her temper diffused that glory over her countenance which no regularity of features can give.
But this, to say the truth, is often too dearly purchased; and though it hath charms so inexpressible, that the French, perhaps, among other qualities, mean to express this, when they declare they know not what it is; yet its absence is well compensated by innocence; nor can good sense and a natural gentility ever stand in need of it.
I might mention all the divine charms of a bright spring day, but if you had never in your life utterly forgotten yourself in straining your eyes after the mounting lark, or in wandering through the still lanes when the fresh-opened blossoms fill them with a sacred silent beauty like that of fretted aisles, where would be the use of my descriptive catalogue?
When the FDA used the same testing method that we did (the Charm II assay), 51 percent of its milk samples showed traces of animal drugs.
The charms have threads etched on the inside that lets you screw the charm onto the bracelet, allowing you to have a charm bracelet minus the dangly bits that can snag or make a perpetual jangling sound.
Balza hand-makes each photo charm that she carefully places in high-quality stainless steel lockets.
LOOM band charms have been taken off shelves in a Middlesbrough store after tests on similar products found they contained cancercausing chemicals.
We are offering all of our readers a beautiful rope detail bracelet with clasp closure and to start off your collection we have also included this stunning silver rose charm, which complements the bracelet perfectly.