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We are so excited that CHARMED has come to life as there is a great need for a foundation that focuses specifically on regenerative medicine research regarding children and athletes," said O'Neill.
The CHARMED Foundation is the first of its kind to support regenerative medicine research specific to pediatric illnesses and sports medicine.
3 : to attract by being graceful, beautiful, or welcoming <I was charmed by the countryside.
Cheung notes that a high-energy photon experiment called FOCUS didn't yield doubly charmed baryons among an abundance of singly charmed ones, a result that throws some doubt on the reanalysis of the SELEX data.
So Smitten by charming CHARLIE and FOREVER charmed by charming CHARLIE are the first branded fine fragrances to be offered by the company, and follow on the heels of a successful introduction into the fragrance category in 2010 with Lace and Lace Noir.
For the wearable user, Charmed also sells various input devices and head mounted displays.
Or, in Katrina Barillova's vision, and that of Charmed Technology, the company she co-founded with Alex Lightman, we'll see fewer computers than ever in a few years.
For Sherman Oaks-based Charmed Technology, the marriage of fashion and technology is more than just a gimmick to get noticed.