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Geraldine, notwithstanding her fatigue, welcomed her lover very charmingly when he arrived, a few minutes later.
In the fire-side narrative of Captain Sleet, entitled A Voyage among the Icebergs, in quest of the Greenland Whale, and incidentally for the re-discovery of the Lost Icelandic Colonies of Old Greenland; in this admirable volume, all standers of mast-heads are furnished with a charmingly circumstantial account of the then recently invented crow's-nest of the Glacier, which was the name of Captain Sleet's good craft.
More than one man started to raise his umbrella when the storm burst forth and the sheets of mimic rain came driving by; it was hardly possible to keep from putting your hand to your hat when the fierce wind began to rage and shriek; and it was NOT possible to refrain from starting when those sudden and charmingly real thunder-crashes were let loose.
You are charmingly grouped, and appear to uncommon advantage.
The Sonata that His Highness plays so charmingly," said the Vice-Warden.
My bride looked charmingly in a green silk calash and riding habit of pelisse cloth; and whenever her red lips parted with a smile, each tooth appeared like an inestimable pearl.
Lowe for this revised and charmingly illustrated edition of Dr.
Her baby charmingly made faces, and Martinez referred to this as her daughter's way of greeting fans and followers.
Just as Milos Hrma is frankly and charmingly subsumed by his own private cares in the middle of a world war, Steffie has no awareness of the narrative manipulations occurring across her own story.
Tom Kerridge's Proper Pub Food (BBC2, Monday) opened for business this week with our host singing the praises of, as he charmingly put it, "completely no bother cooking".
With an all-star cast led by Robert De Niro, Katherine Heigl, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Topher Grace, with Susan Sarandon and Robin Williams, 'The Big Wedding' is an uproarious romantic comedy about a charmingly modern family trying to survive a weekend wedding celebration that has the potential to become a full-blown family fiasco.
KILL KEITH 15, 93mins Just opened A CHARMINGLY wicked British horror-comedy about C-list celebrities shortlisted to co-host a TV show who are being killed off.