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NRW officers have been catching and stripping the eggs of Arctic charr and breeding them at their hatchery in Brecon.
lt;B Torgoch, or Arctic charr, in Llyn Padarn, Snowdonia
Charr is Germany's first world heavyweight champion since Max Schmeling reigned from 1930-1932.
Urbach D, Folstad I, Rudolfsen G (2005) Effect of ovarian fluid on sperm velocity in Artic charr (Sylvanius alpinus).
This study aimed to better our understanding of contributions of Hornaday River and Brock River Arctic char to coastal, mixed-stock fisheries near the community of Paulatuk and to collect information that could be incorporated into the Paulatuk Charr Management Plan.
Effect of stocking density on the growth and stress-response in brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis).
He said steps had been taken to improve the habitat of the rare Arctic charr and a breeding programme was now in place.
Should Dubai win the world event- with El Charr insisting the city is the most qualified among the contenders in terms of location, stability, security and connectivity - he believes it will be an opportunity for the company to make a big move into hospitality.
Since then he has gone on to defend the title nine times, most recently with a victory against Manuel Charr
The 32-year-old also pulled out of what should have been his previous fight, against Manuel Charr on 29 June, because of a hand injury sustained in training, the report said.
Earlier this year a hand injury also ruled him out of a meeting with Manuel Charr.