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Well, well, I daresay that a couple of rabbits would account both for the blood and for the charred ashes.
In silence, in love, and in reverence he buried, in the little rose garden that had been Jane Clayton's pride and love, the poor, charred form and beside it the great black warriors who had given their lives so futilely in their mistress' protection.
At daylight she was only a charred shell, float- ing still under a cloud of smoke and bearing a glowing mass of coal within.
Warnings from government authorities about the serious health risks posed by charred food have been largely ignored by many eateries and restaurants in Qatar.
On heating, fire-retardant materials form foamed cellular charred layers on their surface, which protects the underlying material from the action of the heat flux or the flame.
Double Bastard Ale was first released November 1998; Southern Charred is a more recent manifestation, aged for 10 months in heavily charred Kentucky bourbon and American oak barrels, then transferred to second-use Kentucky bourbon barrels to age for an additional 13 months.
However, it is important that thermal decomposition continues under the charred layer of wood, which may be very dangerous as oxygen amounts to 43-44% in the chemical composition of wood (Drysdale 1998).
Detailed section properties of all charred cross-sections are given by report of Just et al.
Sent out charred to order with a lively, creamed pepper sauce, it's as gratifying a steak as one would find for $10 more at an upscale steak house.
Without peat to fuel the malt-drying fires prior to fermentation, master distillers attempted to approximate that characteristic smokiness by aging their "white-dog" (clear, unaged whiskey) in new, white oak barrels whose insides had been charred.
But most surprising is the charred material's chemical magnetism, ideal for attracting hard-to-snag metals--like copper, cadmium, and zinc--in tainted waters.
Since the material was no longer overheated and charred, 100% of formed parts passed the odor and taste test.