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A amostra de char nao foi desmineralizada em funcao da pequena quantidade de amostra.
A quantificacao do teor de char e finos de coque na amostra de PB foi obtida a partir do teor carbonoso das fracoes do PB e de uma interpolacao matematica (%Char x [L.
O padrao de char ChAB foi obtido num simulador da zona de combustao.
c] da respectiva faixa e a Equacao 3, calculam-se os teores de char e coque nos PBs estudados.
O carbono presente nas fracoes do PB e considerado oriundo de finos de coque, char incombusto e, em alguns casos, carvao nao reagido.
For example, higher char yields are obtained at low temperatures or low heating rates than at higher temperatures or fast heating rates.
Higher temperature, smaller particle size, and increased heating rate resulted in decreased char yield from pyrolysis of agricultural residues.
In a previous study (Kaiho and Toda 1979) it was shown that the gases used affect both the char yield and properties.
Purge gas flow rate is one of the most important factors that affects the char yield.
For example, powders made from the char could be added to large volumes of metal-laden waters to cling to dissolved metallic ions.
According to the scientists, because of their exceptional ability to adsorb hard-to-get metals, char and carbons made from poultry litter could potentially net poultry farmers $1 to $2 per pound--or up to $4,000 per ton of manure
The only other products that can attract metals like this char does are ion-exchange resins," says Lima.