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So in this paper, it adopts the new research direction of lignite pyrolysis char in the pyrolytic tar catalytic cracking.
OTM: 41 entries, av 113; 877kg Lim to PS1,140; 761kg Lim to PS1,095; 522 kg Char cow to PS600; U48m 592kg WB hfrs to PS769.
The char formed after UL-94 test was first sputter-coated with a conductive layer, and then its surface morphology was observed by a scanning electron microscopy (Model JSM-7500F, Japan).
The coating can form an intumescent char layer in a fire, which acts as a thermal barrier that effectively protects the substrate against fire and maintains the structural integrity of the building.
Spawning and overwintering habitats used by Arctic char are often in the same locations since they have similar characteristics (DFO, 2004).
Table 2 shows the volatile matter (dry basis, db), ash content (db) and volatile liberation percentage (db) of chars obtained at the devolatilization temperatures and time used in this work.
As particulas de char podem representar uma pequena fracao do po e ainda estarem misturadas a grandes quantidades de finos de coque.
The yield of pine chars produced under the controlled thermal treatment condition in this study was significantly affected by the heating rate.
As our preliminary experiments showed that the admixtures of polymers, celluloses and wood to lignite reduce reactivity of resulting chars, it seems that the key question is a difference between the reactivities of the char from lignite and those from the lignite/polymers or lignite/celluloses mixtures in the gasification zone of the generator, where the reactivity of latter chars can be low or significantly lower in comparison with the reactivity of the lignite char.
Char is created when an organic material--usually wood--is burned in a smothered environment.
The CHARS data plays an important role in assisting our healthcare recommendations for the residents of Washington, so that data needs to be as up-to-date and accurate as possible.