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Well, then, he barked suddenly, like an excited terrier, "the chart gives a whole mess of islands off to the nor'west.
All these islands, reefs, shoals, lagoons, entrances, and distances were marked on the chart of his memory.
Captain Davenport queried, raising his head from the chart.
He ceased and gazed solicitously at Captain Davenport, who, bending over the chart with a pair of dividers in hand, had just emitted a low groan.
Konig, surreptitiously consulting chart and binnacle, and McCoy, openly and innocently consulting the binnacle, knew that they were running for Hao Island.
Captain Davenport consulted the chart and debated with himself.
Again Captain Davenport consulted McCoy and the chart.
Consider the chart in exhibit 1, below, which compares soaring Sales (the blue line) with ebbing Operating income (the pink line).
The data from which the chart was made is included, and shows the kind of data sheet to use.
To create this chart, enter the data shown in columns A through D; then enter the following formulas:
One alternative would be an X-bar and R chart using a sample size of 32, or one part from each cavity.