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A grant from the government of ownership rights in land to a person, a group of people, or an organization such as a corporation.

A basic document of law of a Municipal Corporation granted by the state, defining its rights, liabilities, and responsibilities of self-government.

A document embodying a grant of authority from the legislature or the authority itself, such as a corporate charter.The leasing of a mode of transportation, such as a bus, ship, or plane. A charter-party is a contract formed to lease a ship to a merchant in order to facilitate the conveyance of goods.


n. the name for Articles of Incorporation in some states, as in a corporate charter.


(Declaration of rights), noun announcement, constitution, decree, official announcement, proclamation, promulgation, pronouncement, public announcement, public statement, publication, writing
Associated concepts: amendment of a charter, amendment to a charter, articles of incorporation, charter of a foreign corporation, charter of a municipal corporation, charter of an association, corporate charter, county charter, municipal charter, partnership charter, reform a charter, repeal of a charter, special charter, state charter


(License), noun authority, certificate, certifiiate of permission, dispensation, express permission, grant, imprimatur, instrument, muniment, official docuuent, patent, permit, written permission
Associated concepts: chartered bank, chartered by law, exxiration of a charter, renewal of a charter


(Sanction), noun acceptance, acquiescence, admission, allowance, approval, assent, authority, authorization, concurrence, consent, countenance, delegation, empowerment, endorsement, enfranchisement, entitlement, franchise, grant, leave, liberty, license, permission, permit, pragmatic sanction, privilege, ratification, recognition, sufferance, support, tolerance, toleration, vested right
Associated concepts: chartered by the law
See also: agreement, allow, appoint, appointment, approve, authority, authorize, bestow, brevet, bylaw, capacity, certificate, certify, code, confirm, constitute, constitution, contract, countenance, deed, delegate, document, enactment, engage, establish, franchise, hire, immunity, incorporate, instrument, invest, launch, law, lease, let, license, ordinance, pact, pandect, permission, permit, prerogative, privilege, protocol, rent, sanction, tolerance, treaty, vest, warrant

CHARTER. A grant made by the sovereign either to the whole people or to a portion of them, securing to them the enjoyment of certain rights. Of the former kind is the late charter of France, which extended to the whole country; the charters which were granted to the different American colonies by the British government were charters of the latter species. 1 Story, Const. L. Sec. 161; 1 Bl. Com. 108 Encycl. Amer. Charte Constitutionelle.
     2. A charter differs from a CONSTITUTION in this, that the former is granted by the sovereign, while the latter is established by the people themselves : both are the fundamental law of the land.
     3. This term is susceptible of another signification. During the middle ages almost every document was called carta, charta, or chartula. In this sense the term is nearly synonymous with deed. Co. Litt. 6; 1 Co. 1; Moor. Cas. 687.
     4. The act of the legislature creating a corporation, is called its charter. Vide 3 Bro. Civ. and Adm. Law, 188; Dane's Ab. h.t.

CHARTER, mar. contr. An agreement by which a vessel is hired by the owner to another; as A B chartered the ship Benjamin Franklin to C D.

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In recognition of the singers January 8th birthday, EPE is sending all current Elvis MasterCard charter members a birthday gift - a complimentary pass to tour Graceland Mansion in Memphis.
Finally, the regulatory environment that led to the creation of CBCWA and the ability of CBCWA to discontinue service to charter members defaulting under the contract terms promote a stable operating environment.
Yokogawa has had an active role in the IEC/ISA SP-50 fieldbus standard effort, is a charter member and serves on the executive committee of the IFC, and is participating in the IFC demonstration at the ISA trade show this fall.
Only Charter members can customize the system to their needs free of charge.
The rating primarily considers the underlying credit quality of the charter members, specifically the City of De Pere's and Village of Howard's respective water systems, the largest two water purchasers of CBCWA water.
Charter Member Operators make their inventory available to a large international customer base without changing the way they currently do business.
Charter members Palmdale, Burroughs-Ridgecrest, Barstow and Victor Valley not only faced long drives but double duty, since each played the others twice that year.
Upon the Six Heroes membership reaching 1,000 Charter Members, a drawing of the 1,000 names will be made, and the winner will receive a luxury destination resort vacation.
Her service involvement included being a charter member of the local chapter of the American Association of University Women; member of the Lancaster Woman's Club and past president of the defunct Lancaster Junior Woman's Club; California Medical Alliance; AMA Alliance; past president of the Los Angeles County Medical Alliance.
Each charter member of the alliance is a leader in its respective market, and together we offer a huge brain trust of knowledge about open source promises and pitfalls.
The Compliance Vanguard Alliance, spearheaded by Black Duck, includes as charter members a team of open source software industry leaders, including EnterpriseDB, Funambol, GroundWork, JasperSoft, Krugle, Open Country and OpenLogic.

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