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NWA Quality Analyst for Windows performs all standard statistical charting and analysis functions, as well as specialized methods like median-individuals charting for family processes such as multi-cavity molds and EWMA for continuous processes.
Median/Individual charting reportedly solves this dilemma by combining the median and individual control charts.
In addition to its data analysis and charting software, Red Rock offers a comprehensive set of software design, engineering and management services.
Unlike PowerPoint and Visio, OrgPlus Express is designed exclusively for organizational charting and allows users to easily create and manage charts from within all popular Microsoft Office applications including Word, Visio, Excel and PowerPoint.
Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS), a medical software company offering advanced clinical information systems and consulting services to reduce medical errors, streamline patient care and improve the management of high acuity hospital departments, today announced the launch of the Trauma Accelerator(TM) charting system, an electronic emergency department charting solution to effectively address the demanding documentation needs of trauma encounters.
Based on knowledge shared by thousands of OrgPlus users, HumanConcepts defines methodologies for organizational charting best practices that are embraced everyday by companies worldwide.