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Consider the chart in exhibit 1, below, which compares soaring Sales (the blue line) with ebbing Operating income (the pink line).
Click on Insert on the toolbar, then Chart to bring up the Chart Wizard (exhibit 3, below).
Data display methods include x-y plotting, logarithmic plots, and vertical strip charts.
Molders SPC provides real-time SPC (the full range of statistical charts as well as regression analysis), secondary gauging, and post-analysis capabilities.
Depending on the appearance of these charts, you will be able to tell whether your process is in control or out of control.
However, if there are a few high-running jobs, you would want to prepare similar charts for each of them.
THIS ARTICLE PROVIDES four tools--the horizontal bar graph, the Gantt chart, the thermometer chart and the bubble graph--that can be added to spreadsheets by formatting the data in the right way and by writing a few formulas.
On the other hand, X-bar and R charts could be kept for each individual cavity.
Actually, these charts have been used for situations ranging from multiple readings per shift to one reading per week.