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verb endeavor to overtake, follow, go after, go in pursuit of, go in quest of, hunt, pursue, run after, run in pursuit, search, seek, track, trail, try to overtake
See also: embellish, follow, hunt, pursuit, quest, race, repulse, trace

CHASE, Eng. law. The liberty of keeping beasts of chase, or royal gaine, on another man's ground as well as on one's own ground, protected even from the owner of the land, with a power of hunting them thereon. It differs from a park, because it may be on another's ground, and because it is not enclosed. 2 Bl. Com. 38.

CHASE, property. The act of acquiring possession of animals ferae naturae by force, cunning or address. The hunter acquires a right to such animals by occupancy, and they become his property. 4 Toull. n. 7. No man has a right to enter on the lands of another for the purpose of hunting, without his consent. Vide 14 East, R. 249 Poth. Tr. du Dr. de Propriete, part 1, c. 2, art. 2. CHASTITY. That virtue which prevents the unlawful commerce of the sexes.
     2. A woman may defend her chastity by killing her assailant. See Self Defence. And even the solicitation of her chastity is indictable in some of the states; 7 Conn. 267; though in England, and perhaps elsewhere, such act is not indictable. 2 Chit. Pr. 478. Words charging a woman with a violation of chastity are actionable in themselves. 2 Conn. 707.

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I'm pretty sure he must have been chased down the street before being stabbed.
After allegedly being chased down Upleatham Street, the sheep managed to give the pursuers the slip.
Llanelli chased down the runs required for the loss of four wickets with Josh Reid (47n/o) and Iwan Rees (24n/o) guiding the hosts home.
Sri Lanka chased down Pakistan's 261 for victory in the final of the Asia Cup and apart from Pakistan's Saeed Ajmal, who returned figures of 10-26-3, the rest of the team's bowling line up appeared helpless against their final rivals, the report added.
Sorensen and O'Brien took three wickets apiece, while Stuart Thompson and Eddie Richardson shared the remaining four scalps in the International Cricket Council World Cricket League Championship encounter before Ireland's batsman chased down the target in 33 overs, with Niall O'Brien ensuring there were few alarms.
Summary: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- Outsider Krypton Factor chased down favorite Rocket Man in the $2 million Dubai Golden Shaheen on Saturday, denying the Singapore-based horse a second consecutive victory in the race.
And, despite a steady fall of wickets, Sri Lanka never really looked in trouble as they chased down the total with exactly the same amount of time - 47 balls - to spare, Dimuth Karunaratne top scoring with 45.
Formerly a tricky batting wicket, HQ was transformed into a belter to bat on when it refused to deteriorate as England chased down the second highest total to win a game there batting last.
Hogan was chased down and arrested nine days after the slayings.