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In addition to the funding received from the Australian Government, Standley Chasm was also awarded $60,000 through the Northern Territory Governments Tourism Infrastructure Development Fund to upgrade Standley Chasms picnic area and install birdwatching hides, which will entice even more visitors to the attraction.
McConaughey and Wantanabe are involved with the scenes being shot at Purgatory Chasm, and Oscar-nominated actress Naomi Watts is going to join the two men for other scenes being shot in Massachusetts, according to Gregg Brilliant, the film's unit publicist.
The missionaries are speared to death, and that becomes the thing that allows the chasm to be closed in the end.
GOING DOWN: Base-jumper Felix Baumgartner leaps into the huge chasm in Croatia
Unfortunately, other networks are also rushing, bare naked and barely clothed, into the chasm of pornography and hedonism.
As viewer and viewed come to share a single time and place, a social and economic chasm is at least temporarily bridged.
Many political economists have written extensively about the increasing chasm in the black community between the haves and have-nots, but this has been done with charts, graphs and statistics.
When Akilah's mother discovers her researching a Web site about female genital mutilation, she confronts the Ojike family, opening a chasm between their two cultures and the two girls.
That's because the full truth is that there is a growing chasm between the two sets of clients we serve.
The attraction will enable visitors to discover Sudbury's geological basin through interactive exhibits, theatre shows and a chasm, which brings people into the Big Nickel mine site.
Seventy-two percent of IT pros say a chasm exists between the threat of a major cyber attack in the United States and the government's ability to defend against it.
If that doesn't take the gleam off your gold card, consider this: The pay police also calculate the chasm between executive pay and blue collar wages within the same company and educate corporate workers to campaign for reasonable CEO pay levels at their company.