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"Treading chasms on the uncertain footing of a spear," forgetting that there is in woman a quality of mind which as an instinctive manifestation is unsafe, he goes on speaking in a formal customary strain, of "past states, the present state, seals, promises the evil one suffered, the good one enjoys, hell, heaven, everything convenient to promote one's joy." (M: 64) Adam ignores the chasmal perils and cross-currents of woman's mental flexibility and "goes on speaking / in a formal, customary strain" (M: 64), ceasing to communicate with Eve.
As a chasmal backdrop to Hume's enterprise, Baudelaire's words of one hundred and fifty years ago, from "Le voyage," still ring true (in Richard Howard's translation): Once we have burned our brains out, we can plunge to Hell or Heaven--any abyss will do-- deep in the Unknown to find the new!
He must be blind, indeed, who does not perceive the radical and chasmal differences between the truthful and the poetical modes of inculcation.